Character Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Age 90
Production Information
Appeared in Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil
Voiced by Joan Cusack

Verushka Van Vine, also known as Verushka, is a character Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil. She is Hansel and Gretel's former henchwoman and one of Granny's best friends and former arch-rival. She is voiced by Joan Cusack.

Biography and PersonalityEdit

Verushka is also known to be selfish, greedy, rude, cocky, arrogant, nefarious, materialistic, short-tempered, manipulative, ruthless, evil, and cunning in general. However, after Red and Granny were in danger, Verushka reformed, betrayed Hansel and Gretel, and rescued them.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. EvilEdit

In the story she plays as the Wicked Witch of Hansel & Gretel. She explains to Abigail back in the past about how good she is, while she fails at everything else. When they did a cook off about making The Super Truffles, Granny came in 1st place and Verushka in 2nd place, much to her disappointment. While she was explaining her backstory it was revealed she stole the recipe of making the truffles. Red accidentally reveals the final ingredient for the truffle recipe and the truffles are made. After Hansel & Gretel ate their first truffle they snatched the rest of it from Verushka and betray her. When she was about to fall off from the building, Granny manages to save her. Just before she was going to catch the elevator, Granny decides to give her a chance to redeem herself for all her wrongdoings. When the spider was getting out of the cage, she decides to let go of the past and move on forwards. She now has a pet spider as her new weapon to help also she teams up with Red, Wolf and Twitchy to stop Hansel & Gretel from destroying the city. After the masterminds were arrested for their actions, she gives the Truffle recipe back to Abigail and becomes a new member of the HEA.

Fighting StyleEdit

She usually uses a flying broomstick to fly. Later, she uses a giant spider as her new weapon and it can shoot giant webs.

Appearance Edit

Verushka wears old clothes, with black high heeled boots, a gold skull on her red cape and her long fingernails polished gray. She wears a scary mask as a disguise, and she has a switch to turn on or off the red lights of her mask.


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