The Goody Bandit is a burglar who steals different kinds of goodies in Hoodwinked!. At the film's climax, it is revealed that Boingo is the Goody Bandit.


In Hoodwinked!, the Goody Bandit has earned fame across the wilderness, and is known for stealing goodies from bakeries.

At first, Red and Granny were alleged to be the bandit, although it wasn't true.

Near the end of the film, the bandit turned out to be Boingo, who was pretending to be Red's best friend all along. When Red confronted Boingo in his cave lair and told him she is leaving with Granny's recipe book, the two viciously fought and appeared to be evenly matched, but Boingo won due to his tall ears. Then the rabbit orders Dolph to tie Red up, Lesa to hold Granny's recipe book, and Vincent to get Kirk's schnitzel truck, which they now turned into a bulldozer (not counting Keith, who was told by Boingo to change his name to Boris).

Afterwards, Boingo and the Evil Ski Team were arrested, but Twitchy manages to take one last shot of Boingo before they were sent to prison.


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